5 Tips for Permanent Hair Removal with Laser

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Why laser hair removal? Hair removal in the traditional way is often excruciating and often inadequate. Besides, the treatments must be repeated.

Laser hair removal Where traditional methods of hair removal are based on brutal violence, the hair is pulled out, including hair roots. Whereas, laser hair removal is soft hair removal that hardly irritates the skin. Choose the Laser method if you prefer less pain with hair removal.

Laser hair removal works by using the body’s melanin that is naturally present in the hair. The laser sends a pulse through the hair whose heat is transported through the melanin to the hair root, destroying the hair root.

A special cooling tip that comes into contact with your skin ensures that when the laser gives a very short pulse, the surrounding skin and underlying blood vessels are protected from the heat of the laser. The result is painless hair removal. More and more people, therefore, prefer laser treatment!

Moreover, hair removal with the laser after 5 to 8 treatments ensures permanent hair removal. Eighty to ninety percent of the treated hair is then definitely gone!

We have listed 5 tips when you opt for treatment for permanent hair removal:

1. Do not wax or epilate, but you can shave
Laser hair removal works by turning off the hair follicle, so avoid other treatments that remove hair at the root because otherwise, the laser cannot do its job. Shaving is useful and often requires. It allows the laser to go straight to the follicle under the skin, so you should always shave for treatment.

2. Stop using growth resources
If you use vitamins or supplements to improve your hair growth, be aware that they not only affect the hair on your head! The last thing you want with laser treatment is that body hair will grow quickly again. So, wait until the end of the treatments before starting again with hair growth agents.

3. Check your hair and skin colour
Laser hair removal works by tackling the melanin in your hair follicles – if you have light, grey or red hair, the laser will not be sufficient. And with dark skin, the skin can absorb too much of the energy from the laser. Check the colour of your hair and skin against the graph below to see if laser hair removal will work for you.

And don’t forget that hair and skin tones can vary across the body – you have light leg hair, but darker bikini line hair, so check every area. As a result, you may only have certain parts removed by laser.

4. Avoid sunbathing and tanning
The sun increases the melanin in your skin – that’s how your skin protects itself against the sun, so avoid the tanning bed. It is not only the presence of melanin in the skin that matters, but it is also the concentration that matters. That means that even if your shade is in the “safe” range on the colour charts, it is still best to avoid laser treatments.

5. Complete the treatments
Laser hair removal is not immediately a success after 1 treatment. It usually takes a few months to see precise results. So, don’t give up after a few treatments, but make sure you get enough treatment to make it work!

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