Biden: Trump Has Refused to Respect the Will of the People

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Joe Biden, the president-to-be of the United States, lashed out at President Donald Trump in a speech shortly after the electoral college ratified his election victory.


Trump, who still does not accept the election results, “has refused to respect the will of the people,” Biden said. It is the first time since the end of the elections that Biden is so directly critical of his predecessor.

From his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, Biden reiterated that the country must turn the page after the unprecedentedly exciting and polarizing election time in the country, “to unite, to recover”.

Just before that, Biden had received 306 votes in the electoral college, precisely the amount he should have obtained based on the November election results, and also the same amount that Donald Trump became president four years ago after defeating Hillary Clinton.

“By his own standards, these numbers were a clear victory at the time, and I would respectfully suggest that they still do today,” noted Biden. President Trump “has refused to respect the will of the people, to respect the rule of law, and has refused to respect our constitution,” Biden said.

“We, the people, voted. Our institutions have stood. The integrity of our elections remains intact,” the president-to-be continued. “The flame of democracy was kindled in this country a long time ago. And we know that nothing – not even a pandemic or abuse of power – that flame can extinguish, “said Biden.” In this battle for America’s soul, democracy has triumphed. “

The President-elect also addressed the Americans who did not vote for him. “I have said throughout the campaign that I will be a president to all Americans. I will work just as hard for those who did not vote for me as I did. those who have. “

Biden called on the people to especially look ahead to the “urgent work” that needs to be done to contain the corona epidemic in the country “and then rebuild our economy better than ever before”.

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