Google Fiercely About the Antitrust Case: Full of Errors and Does Not Help Consumers

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Google is responding strongly to the antitrust lawsuit filed by the US. It emphasizes that it leaves enough room for competitors and has a solid footing.


The US launched an antitrust suit against Google yesterday. It is specifically targeting the dominance of the search engine, which is set by default on both Android (from Google) and competitor iOS (from Apple) for a fee.

If Google loses the case, it risks fines and action that could cost the company billions of dollars.

In an initial comprehensive response, Google speaks of “a lawsuit full of errors that does nothing to help consumers.” ‘The lawsuit that the (US) Department of Justice is starting contains serious errors. People use Google because they choose to, not because they are forced or because they cannot find an alternative. ‘ Said Kent Walker, senior vice president for Global Affairs in a blog post.

Google speaks of ‘dubious antitrust arguments’ and makes the comparison with cornflakes. ‘Yes, like countless other companies, we pay to promote our services, just like breakfast cereals pay a supermarket to place their products in a rack at eye level.

For digital devices, this means that when you only buy a device, there is a home screen ‘at eye level’. For mobile devices, this is checked by companies such as Apple, AT&T, Verizon, Samsung and LG. On PCs, this has been checked for the majority by Microsoft. ‘

On Android, developed by Google, the information giant emphasizes that there is also room for competing services. For example, it points to Samsung devices that, in addition to the Play Store, also have the Samsung Galaxy Store, a Samsung Browser, or often come with apps from competitors, such as Facebook or Microsoft Outlook.

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