North Korea Releases Photos Confirming Intermediate-Range Missile Test

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North Korea confirmed the test of the intermediate-range ballistic missile Hwasong-12 on Monday. To support the claim, some striking photos were also published.


On Sunday, neighbouring South Korea reported North Korea’s most powerful missile test since 2017. The North Korean news agency KCNA now confirms that the projectile was fired to verify its accuracy and effectiveness, among other things.

The agency has also published several photos to prove that the test took place. Two photos show the launch itself. Other images are said to have been taken during flight with a camera mounted on the rocket. In those photos, part of the Korean peninsula can be seen from space, among other things.

According to experts, the Hwasong-12 has a range of 4,500 kilometres. The missile could theoretically reach the Pacific island of Guam, where the US has a military base.

On Sunday, South Korea’s chiefs of staff said that the missile flew about 800 kilometres toward the open sea and reached an altitude of 2,000 kilometres during the test.

Pyongyang has again raised tensions in the Korean peninsula with several missile tests. Sunday’s test was already the seventh in 2022. According to observers, North Korea wants to show its power internally and externally with those missile tests. After the latest US sanctions against the country, Kim Jong-un indicated that he could test long-range missiles and nuclear bombs again.

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