Obama: Trump Turns White House into Reality Show

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On the last day before the US presidential election, former President Barack Obama accused his successor Donald Trump of treating the presidency like a “reality show.”


During a campaign meeting for his former vice president Joe Biden, the Obama repeatedly lashed out at his successor.

Obama delivered his speech in Miami, one of the largest cities in the crucial swing state of Florida. “He made me a better president,” Obama said of Biden.

The former president also emphasized the importance of affordable health insurance during the corona epidemic.

Florida is one of the most critical states in the election on Tuesday. The swing state, where 29 of the 538 electors can be divided, chose the eventual winner in almost every presidential election since 1964.

In 2000, when it went between Democrat Al Gore and the later Republican President George W. Bush, a few hundred votes in the southeastern state made all the difference. Polls suggest that it will be inspiring this year.

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