Roxeanne Hazes Too Naked For Facebook

Roxeanne Hazes Too Naked For Facebook

Roxeanne Hazes too Naked for Facebook. Although Roxeanne Hazes (26) looks insanely good these days and likes to show that, Facebook thinks something different about that.


The tech giant has removed a photo to promote her new single. Reason? Rox is too naked.

The singers recently shared, in honour of her performance in Paradiso, her latest single Kapot.

On the cover photo of this single, Roxeanne can be seen wearing a sort of fluffy scarf and matching hat.

Under this creation, the singer does not wear very much, and her shoulder is bared so not very shocking.

Well apparently for Facebook, because the singers let us know that this photo has now been deleted.

“Facebook removed this advertisement. It was “too naked”, she adds.

Roxeanne was in a sold-out Paradiso last Friday.

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