The Democratic Convention in August is Kept Virtual Due to Coronavirus

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The Democratic convention in August is largely kept virtual due to concerns about the coronavirus. The party announced this.


Presidential candidate Joe Biden will go to Milwaukee to officially accept the nomination in a speech. It is not yet known whether there will be an audience there.

Kiesmannen has been asked to attend and follow the convention online from home. These so-called ‘delegates’ are essential for determining the course of the Democratic Party.

Candidates never officially leave the race during the primaries, because they can still get votes and gather electoral votes so that they can even get their ideas on the agenda.

The Democratic Party has decided to admit few people, due to the rapidly increasing number of infections in Texas, California and Florida, among others.

“Leadership means adapting to any situation,” said Tom Perez, chairman of the party’s committee. “That’s exactly what we’re doing now. Joe Biden and the Democrats are committed to protecting the safety and health of the American people.”

Republicans led by President Donald Trump plan to hold a well-attended convention in August. The governor of North Carolina did not like that, because of the coronavirus. That is why that convention is being moved.

Trump recently spoke to a few thousand people in Oklahoma and Arizona. Those are two states where the number of infections has also increased recently.

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