Trump Suspends WHO Funding: So Many Dead from Their Mistakes

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The United States is temporarily discontinuing funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) because of the way that the organization is addressing the corona pandemic.


That said President Donald Trump yesterday (local time) at a press conference in the White House.

According to Trump, the WHO has obscured the severity of the outbreak of the virus in China. The lung virus first appeared there in December in the city of Wuhan.

“The outbreak could have been contained at the source with very few deaths,” said the president. “So many deaths have been caused by their mistakes.”

The UN organization has “failed in its basic duty” and should, therefore, be “held accountable,” Trump said.

According to the president, the American contribution to the WHO will be suspended pending an evaluation of WHO action in the corona pandemic.

The US is by far the largest financier of the WHO, last year, the country contributed about $ 450 million, which is almost a fifth of the total budget of the United Nations health organization.

Over the same period, China paid roughly 50 million, say a tenth of the US contribution.

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