US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Received Whiskey Bottle Worth 5800 Dollars

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A bottle of whiskey worth 5800 dollars, which former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo received from Japan in 2019, has disappeared without a trace. The US State Department announced Wednesday that it would investigate the disappearance of the drink.


The disappearance was first noticed by The New York Times in an annual statement by the Department of all donations received by top US officials. All gifts with a value of more than 390 dollars (330 euros) are collected in that overview, but the location of the bottle of whiskey is “unknown”. A Pompeo spokesperson declined to comment on the missing drink.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the overview shows that Pompeo also received two rugs with a total value of 19,400 dollars from the president of Kazakhstan and the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates.

Former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania received gifts worth more than $120,000 from foreign leaders in 2019. In addition, at least three countries – Australia, Egypt and Vietnam – presented the former president with a self-portrait. These portraits had a combined value of more than $10,000.

All gifts, including the portraits, have been transferred to the National Archives. Civil servants have the option of keeping a gift they have received, but that is only possible if they pay for it.

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