A Record Number of Corona Infections in the Australian State of Victoria

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In the Australian state of Victoria, 532 new corona infections were registered on Monday.


Since the outbreak of the lung virus, no number of new cases of infection have been diagnosed in any country in the country within 24 hours. On Sunday, there were still 459 infections in Victoria.

There are six new corona deaths, Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said at a news conference. On Sunday, Australia recorded ten daily deaths from the lung virus, which was also a record.

Authorities are attempting to contain a second wave after about 5 million people in Melbourne lockdown again more than two weeks ago.

The closure of the country’s second-largest city, which accounts for about a quarter of its gross domestic product, could extend the country’s first recession in nearly three decades.

The state of New South Wales reported an additional 17 cases in the past 24 hours, according to the state health service.

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