Trump Threatens High Sentences for Portland Protesters

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U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening high sentences for protesters in Portland, Oregon.


“Anarchists, troublemakers or protesters” who have destroyed or damaged the Portland Federal Courthouse or other federal buildings will be held responsible, Trump wrote on Twitter (local time) on Monday.

You can expect at least ten years of imprisonment, Trump wrote, adding, “Don’t!”

Protests against racism and police brutality have been going on in Portland for some time. The demonstration also focuses on the deployment of heavily armed federal security forces that the Trump administration has sent against Portland’s will. The government justifies the operation with the protection of a federal court.

Justice Minister William Barr said in a statement, which he presented Tuesday at the hearing of a judicial committee of the House of Representatives that he supports the deployment of the federal security forces in Portland.

He believes the attacks on the federal courthouse “represent an attack on the United States government.”

“The most fundamental responsibility of the government is to ensure the rule of law so that people can live their lives safely and fearlessly.

The Justice Department will continue to work on fulfilling that solemn responsibility,” said Barr in comments he prepared Tuesday will make to the committee.

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