Capitol Security Was Unaware of Storming Plans

Capitol Security Was Unaware of Storming Plans

Capitol security was unaware that there were plans for a massive storming of the US parliament building on January 6, US media reports.


According to the former Capitol Police chief and the police chief in the capital Washington, the intelligence services had not adequately passed on the known information.

In the Senate, the main police bosses are heard about the storming of the Capitol. On January 6, Trump supporters went to the parliament building and attempted to occupy it. MPs had to flee while the Senate was in the process of officially confirming the election results. Ultimately, five people died during the storm.

Robert Contee, Washington’s police commissioner, said the threat notification came in via email on January 5 at 7 p.m. According to the now resigned Capitol Police chief Steven Sund, his agents were not well prepared because of the inadequate information they had received.

“We were prepared for a massive demonstration,” said Sund. “But we got a well-coordinated military strike.”

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