Pfizer Vaccines Also Effective Outside the Experimental Environment

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Pfizer / BioNTech corona vaccines’ effectiveness has now been demonstrated in daily practice, in addition to tests. The first study to determine the effect of the vaccines in humans shows that the vaccine is effective in 94 percent of the cases.


So far, the data on the effectiveness of the corona vaccines have come from controlled trial environments, which left a certain degree of uncertainty about how the effectiveness would turn out in daily reality with all the additional variables that entailed.

A novelty to the study, published in the leading New England Journal of Medicine, is that it is the first significant study on corona vaccines to be independently verified by multiple fellow scientists.

The most recent research was conducted in Israel, where the corona vaccination campaign has been underway for about two months. The study found that administering two doses of Pfizer / BioNTech’s corona vaccine reduced symptomatic infections by 94 percent in all age groups than the general population that did not receive a vaccine. The study of 1.2 million people also found that one dose after two weeks already reduces the number of cases by 57 percent.

The conclusions of the field study are very close to the findings of the trials, which showed an effectiveness of 95 percent with two doses at the end of last year.

“We are surprised because we expected that in the real world, where the refrigeration of the vaccines is not always perfect and where the population is older and sicker, the results would not be as good as in the controlled clinical trials,” said Ran Balicer, one of the authors of the most recent study.

However, it cannot be concluded from the study how effective the vaccine is against other mutated variants of the coronavirus. The mutation discovered in South Africa is said to be partly resistant to vaccines.

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