Coronavirus is Spreading in Italy, But Also in Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia

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After Italy, there are now more and more reports about patients with coronavirus in other European countries. This afternoon it became known that there is also a case in the Catalonia region, in the northeast of Spain.


Earlier that was also the case in the Canary Islands.

This morning it became known that a hotel on the Canary Islands of Tenerife has been placed in quarantine because three people have been infected with the coronavirus. Among the people in that hotel also several Belgians.

This afternoon the Spanish government announced that an infected person has now been spotted on the mainland, particularly in the Catalonia region in the northeast of the country. It was about a woman from Barcelona who had made a trip to Italy.

Earlier in the day, Austria had also reported that there were two cases of infection in the western state of Tyrol and that it would be an Italian couple. A person is also infected in Croatia.

Austria had interrupted train traffic to and from Italy on Sunday evening.

Around four o’clock this afternoon, the Swiss government also reported that an infection had been detected in the southern canton of Ticino, near the border with Italy. (Read further below the photo).

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