Furious Macron Says Rutte is Like David Cameron

Furious Macron Says Rutte is Like David Cameron

French President Emmanuel Macron was so annoyed at the dinner of the ‘thrifty countries’ on Sunday that, according to French media.


He punched the table furiously and said to Prime Minister Mark Rutte that he was on British ex-Prime Minister David Cameron seemed.

According to Macron, Cameron was always tricky with his hardline at European summits, and that attitude did not end well with the British politician, Macron said.

Cameron lost the UK referendum on EU membership in 2016, which led to Brexit and disappeared from the political scene.

Macron also lashed out at Rutte’s “thrifty” ally and colleague from Austria, Sebastian Kurz, because he suddenly left the table for a phone call.

The 27 Member States are meeting for a new multi-annual budget and the creation of a European recovery fund for aid or credit to countries most economically affected by the coronavirus.

The size of the fund and the conditions for providing money are still controversial on the fourth day of the summit.

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