SK Bioscience From South Korea Will Produce the Experimental Corona Vaccine

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SK Bioscience from South Korea will produce the experimental corona vaccine of the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca on a global scale. The two sides agreed on Tuesday.


It was announced on Monday that the corona vaccine, which is being developed at Oxford University, is safe according to the first research results and evokes a robust immune system response.

Sufficient production capacity is one of three conditions that must be met to roll out the vaccine by the end of this year, Oxford said. The university said earlier together with AstraZeneca to try to produce the first million vaccines by September.

However, before production can begin production, it must be demonstrated in the last phase of the study that the vaccine protects people against the coronavirus for a more extended period.

Also, the public authorities will have to approve the product more quickly if they also want to make it available to their population.

AstraZeneca has already signed agreements with governments of several countries to supply the vaccine. The Netherlands has also recently pre-ordered the vaccine.

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