IBM Launches 7nm Data Centre Chip

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IBM Launches 7nm Data Centre Chip. IBM has unveiled its Power10 processor. Samsung makes the new data centre chip.


Power10 is a chip for data centre systems and is made on a 7-nanometer production process. According to IBM, the new chip is 20 times faster for AI tasks compared to predecessor Power9, which came out in 2017.

At the same time, it is also three times more energy-efficient per socket. This allows the processor to handle heavier workloads, supporting up to three times as many users.

The fact that IBM is working with a 7-nanometer production process is a substantial boost. The smaller that process, the more transistors fit on a chip and the longer the power consumption.

Currently, competitor Intel, the market leader in processors for PCs and data centres, is not yet able to make chips at 7 nanometers.

The company does not expect to be ready here until 2022-2023. The fact that IBM can already produce on this scale may give them an advantage in the market for data centre chips.

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