Cohen: Trump Cheated in 2016 and Russia Helped Him

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Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney and regulator of US President Donald Trump, claims in a forthcoming book that his client received help from Russia in 2016 and won the election with foul play.


“Trump cheated in the election, with the help of Russia, as you will discover in the book.

Doing anything – and I mean anything – to ‘win’ has always been his business model and way of life,” he says in the preface of a book published before publication.

Details of the foul play were not given in the preface. The book, entitled Disloyal, will be released in September.

Cohen was Trump’s confidant for many years. The lawyer confessed in 2018 that he paid hush money on behalf of Trump in 2016 to porn actress Stormy Daniels, who in return had to remain silent about her sexual contacts with the married Trump.

In doing so, Cohen acted in violation of election legislation.

Trump has denied the allegations. He previously called Cohen “a rat”. The lawyer is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for, among other things, tax evasion.

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