Trump and Biden on Senate Campaign in Georgia

Trump and Biden on Senate Campaign in Georgia

Outgoing US President Donald Trump and incoming President Joe Biden are both busy campaigning on Monday in Georgia’s southern state, where the second round of the Senate elections will take place on Tuesday.


If Democrats fail to capture Georgia’s two Senate seats, Republicans will retain a majority in the Senate and Biden will depend on them for passing legislation and appointments for years to come.

If Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock run off with Senate seats, both sides will have 50 seats in the Senate, and vice-president Kamala Harris will be given the casting vote. A gain for the Democrats in the traditionally conservative state is not inconceivable. Joe Biden won the presidential elections in November.

Biden held a drive in campaign rally in Atlanta, Georgia’s predominantly black capital, on Monday. There, the president-to-be said that all of America has eyes on the state. “The power is literally in your hands,” said Biden. “Like never before in my career, one state can set the course for not just the next four years. but for a whole generation. “

Biden promised that the Democrats would see a Senate majority that all Americans can face a $ 2,000 support check, “to help those in deep trouble.” “Imagine what it means to your life,” he said—the incoming president to his audience.

On Saturday, Trump pressured the Georgia Secretary of the Interior, Republican Brad Raffensperger, in a telephone conversation to adjust the result of the presidential election in the state, will travel to Dalton on Monday. Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence campaigned in Milner’s place, in a church.

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