Vice President Pence Sees Nothing in Removing Trump From Office

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US Vice President Mike Pence sees no point in removing President Donald Trump from office by enacting the Constitution’s 25th Amendment.


This allows the vice president to take over the powers of the president if the latter is no longer able to perform his duties. According to Pence, applying that constitutional procedure would “set a terrible precedent”.

It was announced on Monday that Pence and Trump had had a “good talk” in the White House and that the two are “determined” to “continue their work for the country to the end of their term.”

That already indicated that Pence does not want to implement the 25th Amendment, as the Democrats have proposed in response to the Capitol’s storming by Trump supporters.

“I do not believe that such a practice is in the interests of our country or following the constitution,” Pence wrote in a letter to Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives. Trump said earlier that he is not worried about whether or not to apply the 25th Amendment.

Trump may be facing a second impeachment procedure on Wednesday. An indictment will then be debated in the House of Representatives and possibly also voted. Several Republicans have already made it known that Trump may be removed from office and banned from running for president.

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