1.1 Million Auto Industry Jobs Hit y Coronavirus

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The work of 1.1 million Europeans in the car industry is affected by the corona crisis, warns European auto industry organization ACEA.


According to the interest group, the current consequences for employment are even more significant if the job losses in the supply chain and related branches are included.

With European car factories shutting down production, about 1.2 million fewer cars have been produced in the European Union so far, ACEA said on Tuesday based on its data.

According to ACEA, 2.6 million Europeans work in car production, and the related industries provide nearly 14 million jobs in the EU.

“The priority for ACEA and its members today is to deal with the acute crisis that has brought the industry to a near standstill.

Our industry has never experienced this, ”said ACEA leader Eric-Mark Huitema. He asked the European Commission and the Member States for help last week, referring to the worst crisis ever for the sector.

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