After Google and Apple, Amazon is Now Also Preventing the Use of Parler

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has also temporarily made access to the social media platform Parler impossible.


Previously, Google and Apple already removed the app from their stores. According to the tech giants, Parler is not doing enough against users who threaten violence or engage in illegal activities.

Parler is seen as an alternative to Twitter and has served to organize the riots at the Capitol. According to Google, the app was still calling for violence in the US in the days that followed.

The internet giant decided to remove Parler from the Play Store on Saturday until the company behind the app “tackles the urgent threat to public safety.”

A day later, Apple took the same measure. “Parler has not taken the appropriate measures to combat the spread of threats to the security of persons,” he said. Parler was the most downloaded free app in the entire App Store on Saturday.

In the meantime, Amazon has also taken action against Parler by preventing the app from using Amazon Web Services. Parler is hosted by Amazon’s cloud service and cannot be accessed without that infrastructure.

“It is clear that Parler does not have the necessary resources to comply with the AWS Terms of Use,” Amazon said in an email to Parler, which came into the hands of BuzzFeed News.

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