Again Twitter Action on Trump Election Tweet

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Twitter has again put a corrective statement under a tweet from Donald Trump.


The US president said on Thursday that the result of the 3 November election could never be accurately determined because of the “unprecedented” number of ballots sent to voters “unsolicited” this year.

Twitter placed an exclamation mark below the tweet with a link to a text explaining how to vote safely by post. The social media company has already provided tweets from Trump with a statement, also on this subject.

The ardent twitterer has long said that voting by post is very sensitive to fraud, while according to experts, election fraud hardly occurs in the US.

Twitter last week announced its policy against messages intended to undermine confidence in the US election starting Thursday. Misleading or incorrect information is removed or provided with a warning. This applies, for example, to unproven theories of election fraud or misleading information about the results.

The social media platform also announced in the run-up to the presidential elections that it will increase the security of the accounts of well-known politicians, political parties and journalists, among others.

For example, Twitter will check whether the password of the users concerned is strong enough. If not, they are asked to come up with a new one.

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