Biden Wants 70 Percent of Americans Vaccinated on July 4

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If it were up to President Joe Biden, seven out of ten American adults would have been vaccinated with at least one dose against the coronavirus on July 4.


On that holiday, the US celebrates independence every year.

The goal is for 160 million Americans to be fully vaccinated so that life can quickly resume its ordinary course. There are now 105 million. Of the Americans, 145 million (56 percent) have now had one shot.

The White House wants corona vaccines to end up in places where they are actually used. Vaccines that are intended for states where there is evidence of less prickling are diverted to states where people are willing to roll up their sleeves.

The vaccination coverage in the United States varies by state, while the stock is divided based on the number of adults living there. As a result, bottles remain. Biden told state governors on Tuesday that those vaccines are being redistributed. States, where demand is picking up again can order more if they want to and will not lose their rights.

On average, 2.3 million injections are taken every day in the US, compared to 3.4 million a few weeks ago. Monday there were only 1.2 million, the lowest number since February. But Biden’s goal is already achievable if roughly half the average pace of last month is achieved.

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