Joe Biden in the Lead in Polls on Important Swing States

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Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the US presidential election, leads the polls in two states that could be decisive on Nov. 3.


According to a joint poll by market research company Ipsos and the British news agency Reuters, Biden in Pennsylvania is 3 percent ahead of President Donald Trump. In the state of Wisconsin, Biden’s lead is 5 percent.

In Pennsylvania, a state with several large cities, a conservative countryside and wasted industry, 49 percent say they will vote for Joe Biden, against 46 percent for Trump. About 48 percent think that Biden will pursue better policies against the corona epidemic, 4 percent more than the percentage of voters who think Trump has a better corona approach.

When it comes to the economy, confidence in the president is higher. 48 percent think it is best to help the economy recover, compared to 42 percent who believe that the job should be left to Biden.

In Wisconsin, 48 percent would now choose Biden and 43 percent, Trump. In that state, too, Biden has the most confidence in tackling the corona epidemic (48 to 40 percent) and Trump in boosting the economy (48 to 42 percent).

Both states are known as ‘swing states’ or ‘battleground states’ because they are not explicitly Democratic or Republican. In the battle to win as many of the 538 electors as possible, who ultimately elect the president, Pennsylvania is of great importance. Whoever gets the most votes in that state receives twenty electors behind him. Wisconsin has ten to forgive.

Reuters and Ipsos are currently polling six states that may be decisive in the elections to be held on Nov. 3. Poll results are expected in the coming days from swing states Michigan (16 electors), North Carolina (15), Arizona (11) and Florida (29).

Biden verbally assaulted Trump on a campaign in Wisconsin on Monday for his approach to the corona epidemic. “He was unable to do it,” said Biden. “He froze, He failed to act. He panicked.” Trump visited Wisconsin last week and heads to swing state Ohio on Monday (local time).

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