President Biden Will Hold the First Press Conference on March 25

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More than two months after his inauguration, US President Biden holds his first ‘real’ press conference. That is Thursday afternoon, March 25, the White House announced.


At the same time, US media reports that the Biden administration is expected to impose sanctions soon, possibly next week, against countries that interfered with last year’s US election campaign. It concerns Russia, China, Iran and other states that wanted to influence the outcome.

For example, a report by the American service shows that President Putin’s Russian regime has tried to damage then-candidate Biden with allegations of corruption.

Moscow also wanted to sow discontent in the United States to strengthen President Trump’s position. This mainly concerned disinformation involving the use of Ukraine’s own secret service, state media, internet trolls and allies.

The report also shows that Iran wanted to prevent Trump’s re-election last year and tried to stir up divisions in American society.

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