Telecom Watchdog US Wants to Tackle Immunity of Social Media Companies

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The American telecom and media regulator FCC wants to amend the legislation that guarantees social media companies an absolute immunity.


President Ajit Pai made this known, after repeated insistence by President Donald Trump.

US telecom law includes provisions that allow social media companies to delete messages on their platforms as they see fit, even if they are not illegal.

At the same time, they are not liable for messages or videos that users post.

Pai announced that he wanted to clarify this legislation, known as Section 230. Currently, the provisions are being interpreted too broadly.

Although the FCC chairman has not yet indicated what he wants to change the legal text, the move appears to be in response to Trump’s request to water down the immunity of social media companies.

The US Department of Commerce made this request, at Trump’s suggestion, back in May. The president has long accused social media companies of bias against him. Whether the FCC can change a lot remains to be seen.

Many internet companies and legal experts argue that the watchdog does not have the authority to pronounce on these rules for social media.

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