Toddler Who Survived Italy Cable Car Disaster Leaves Hospital

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The toddler who was the only one to survive a cable car crash in Italy has been released from the hospital. Five-year-old Eitan was allowed to accompany his aunt to Pavia, a town near Milan.


The children’s hospital in Turin reports that his condition has improved considerably. The boy continues to receive psychological help.

Eitan was seriously injured last month in the disaster that killed 14 other people in the cabin, including his parents, brother and great-grandparents. Authorities are still in the dark about the cause of the accident. A cable broke before the cabin could reach the top of Mount Mottarone after a 20-minute trek.

Investigators have already discovered that an emergency brake had been released that could have prevented the tragedy. Because the system was turned off, the cab collapsed. The authorities are investigating whether employees of the cable car company are punishable.

According to prosecutors, the head of the technical service has already admitted that the braking system was disabled because it had been causing problems for some time. That employee is under house arrest. Police had also arrested two other managers but were soon released pending further investigation.

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