Trump Wants to Appeal to Local Party Members to Maintain Power

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US President Donald Trump wants to enlist the help of local politicians from his Republican Party to maintain power.


They must then intervene on his behalf in important states where he lost to the Democrat Joe Biden, and insiders tell the Reuters news agency. Trump was scheduled to host Republican Michigan leaders at the White House on Friday.

Trump insists there was widespread fraud in the election to deny him a second term in office.

He will receive the chairman of the Michigan House of Representatives and the Republican group chairman from that state’s Senate, Lee Chatfield and Mike Shirkey on Friday, according to a source.

In Michigan and another critical state like Pennsylvania, Biden got the most votes, but Trump’s Republicans hold the most seats in the local parliament.

The president’s lawyers are said to want to make use of this. His legal team wants parliaments of states to appoint electors. These ultimately determine who is the winner of the elections.

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