“Uber Will Offer Shares For A Relatively Low Price”

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“Uber will offer Shares for a relatively low Price.” Uber Technologies does not seem to be going too high with its IPO.


The taxi company tends to offer its shares for a relatively low price, according to reports.

The shares are likely to be sold for 44 to 45 dollars, an amount that is at the bottom of the pre-announced bandwidth.

Uber had previously declared that the shares would cost between 44 and 50 dollars each.

With the low pricing, Uber would still be worth 74 billion dollars.

Earlier there was a lot of interest in the IPO of the technology company.

As a conclusion, the high price was expected.

It was also noted that Uber wants to be sure that it makes a strong start,

 with its stock market debut and therefore does not make the price too high.

Recently, competitor Lyft went public.

After a great start, the price dropped to around the issue price.

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