Volkswagen Must Compensate Owners of Cheating Diesel Engines

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Volkswagen has to pay compensation to owners of cheating diesel in Germany. This is Determined in Karlsruhe, the highest German court.


However, how much money people get depends on the number of kilometres that cars have driven.

The judges ruled in the case of the buyer of a used Volkswagen Sharan. He bought that car in 2014 for just under 31,500 euros and wanted the full purchase price back.

However, Volkswagen believed that the car had always functioned normally and did not want to pay anything at all. Ultimately, the VW owner got 25,600 euros back. Besides, there is also an interest.

The ruling has implications for other 60,000 cases that car owners have filed against Volkswagen and are still pending.

A number of these cases also go to the Bundesgerichtshof. In July, the judges will hear three more cases there.

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