Agent Who Arrested George Floyd in Court on Monday

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The cop who sat with his knee on the black American’s throat for several minutes during the fatal arrest of George Floyd must appear in court on Monday.


CNN reports that Derek Chauvin is expected in court at 1:00 PM.

A video of Floyd’s arrest sparked national and international outrage. In the United States, there have been protests against police brutality for days.

Chauvin and three other agents involved in the arrest were recently fired. Only Chauvin is prosecuted for Floyd’s death.

The victim’s family hopes that the other officers will also be arrested. “They have enough evidence to fire them, so they have enough evidence to arrest them,” Floyd’s brother Philonise told CNN.

The Minneapolis police chief called the arrest a “violation of humanity” and said the agents were fired for that reason.

In a CNN special broadcast, Medaria Arradondo told Philonise that the prosecution would make the decision to sue someone.

“I would tell the Floyd family that I am very sorry for their loss. If I could do anything to bring Mr Floyd back to life, I would,” he said.

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