Twitter Warned in Trump’s Tweet About the Glorification of Violence

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On Friday, Twitter tweeted a statement by US President Donald Trump because the message “glorifies violence.” This is not permitted under the rules of the medium.


In the tweet, Trump responds to the riots and looting in several American cities that arose after the death of black man George Floyd, who died on Monday from brutal police action.

“These criminals dishonour the memory of George Floyd,” writes the President. “I just talked to Governor Tim Walz and told him the army is with him all the time.

We’ll take control of any difficulty, but when the looting starts, the shooting begins.”

While the glorification of violence is against the rules, Twitter has not removed the post. The company believes the tweet should remain accessible to the public for the sake of it.

The warning accompanying the twitter message follows the signing of a decree by the President, who wants to make social media like Twitter and Facebook liable for the content on their sites.

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