Apple Will Announces New iPad and Watch on Tuesday

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Apple would announce more information tomorrow about a new iPad and Apple Watch. At least, that’s what Jon Prosser, an American tech analyst known for leaking information around new products, claims.


According to Prosser, Apple will issue a press release on September 8 at 3 p.m. Brussels time to announce the availability of a new iPad and Apple Watch. The arrival of the Apple Watch 6, sometime in September or October, was in line with expectations, just as it is quite sure that Apple will soon unveil the iPhone 12.

The introduction of a new iPad would be quite surprised at this point. The model (s) involved remains speculation for the time being: rumours have long been talking about an iPad Air 4 and a completely new, more affordable iPad.

MacRumors website is pretty sure that new Apple Watches will be launched very shortly. At the end of last month, the American tech giant would have applied for approvals for eight new models at the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

Jon Prosser has often made correct predictions concerning new Apple products but is also sometimes wrong. He was able to say very accurately that a new iPhone SE would arrive on April 15 and – on May 4 – an improved MacBook Pro. His statements that Apple was going to rename iOS in iPhoneOS, and that the iPhone SE would get the same camera as the iPhone XR turned out to be incorrect.

Meanwhile, tech blogger Mark Gurman, another well-known ‘tasty’, has also joined the rumour discussion. According to him, Apple enthusiasts should not cheer too soon, and Apple will probably only announce a date tomorrow for a virtual event around the next iPhone and Apple Watch.

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