Far Fewer Passengers for Troubled Norway Airline

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The troubled airline Norwegian Air has transported considerably fewer passengers during the critical holiday month of August.

The company, which, like its peers, is suffering from the crisis, reported a 91 percent decline in passenger flow on an annual basis.

Nor will the coming months be too rosy, according to Norwegian. The price fighter does not expect to have to use more than 25 to 30 of its devices. In concrete terms, this means that more than a hundred aircraft in the fleet will remain on the ground.

Even before the crisis broke out, the Norwegian had problems. The price fighter has experienced substantial growth in recent years, but increasing debts also accompanied this.

This makes the company particularly vulnerable to the consequences of the corona crisis. Earlier this year, debts and liabilities were converted into shares.

Norwegian recently said he feared for his survival. The society’s piggy bank is expected to be empty early next year.

Extra money is needed before then, otherwise, bankruptcy threatens. The company is in talks with, among others, the Norwegian state about additional support.

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