US Judge Whistles Trump Administration for Anti-LGBT Measures

US Judge Whistles Trump Administration for Anti-LGBT Measures

A federal judge in the United States has called the Trump administration back on a measure that would negatively affect sexual minorities.


The Trump administration wanted to allow healthcare providers to refuse to provide care to LGBT people for religious reasons.

A judge in Washington ruled that the government had not considered the impact of the measure on access to care for LGBTQ people.

According to the judge, there is “considerable evidence” that the measure leads to “fear of discrimination by healthcare providers with religious affiliation” among sexual minorities.

The move that Trump’s government wanted to implement is part of an amendment to the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, promulgated by the Department of Health last year.

The ministry also wanted to abolish protections for transgender people against gender discrimination. A federal judge in New York stopped this last month.

The United States Department of Health did not comment on the judge’s ruling in Washington.

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