British Army: Russia Uses Older and Less Precise Weapons

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Russia is switching to using older and less precise weapons in Ukraine. Because the Russian invasion was significantly delayed, according to intelligence from the British Ministry of Defense, it “used far more missiles than planned”. The older weapons it now deploys could lead to more civilian deaths.


The British ministry reports daily how the situation in Ukraine is developing. On Wednesday evening, it wrote in an update on Twitter that the Russian advance has slowed down and “targets have not been achieved”.

Also, the Russians have failed to “control Ukrainian airspace”. As a result, many more long-range missiles have been deployed.

The older weapons Russia now uses are “less militarily effective” and likely cause unintended damage, potentially killing civilians. According to the United Nations, British intelligence reports that 726 civilians have died since the start of the war in Ukraine, but that number “will be significantly higher in reality”.

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