British People in Thirties Also Receive An Alternative to the AstraZeneca Vaccine

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The UK age limit for the AstraZeneca vaccine is being raised. The scientific committee overseeing the UK’s vaccination program is now recommending that people in their thirties be offered a different corona vaccine. Now that only happens with younger people.

The age limit is set due to blood clots in adults vaccinated with the vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company. This rare side effect mainly occurs in younger people. It is therefore only administered to people from a certain age in more countries.

The UK committee says the advice reflects the low number of infections in the UK and the availability of other vaccines. According to Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy medical officer, the change will not slow down the vaccination rate. All adults are still offered a first corona pepper by July, he says.

More than 50 million corona pricks have been injected since the UK vaccination campaign began in December. According to the latest figures, two-thirds of the adult population has now received the first dose. A third has already had two injections and is therefore maximally protected in case of infection with the coronavirus.

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