Bruno Mars Is Committed To Action Around The Hawaiian Mountain

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Bruno Mars is Committed to Action around the Hawaiian Mountain. Bruno Mars is the last in the list of stars to support the protest against the arrival of a giant telescope in Hawaii.


“I love you, Hawaii, and I stand behind you,” the singer, who was born in Hawaii,

 addressed on Instagram with a photo of the demonstrators.

For almost a month, campaigners have gathered at the foot of Mauna Kea Mountain.

The plan is to build a 30-meter high telescope on it,

 but the indigenous population fears that the construction will damage a holy place.

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, also born in Hawaii, joined the demonstrators on Wednesday.

Earlier, stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Damian Marley also expressed their support.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson already travelled to Hawaii last week.

The actor, who grew up in Honolulu, offered to act as a mediator between the demonstrators and the authorities.

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