China Abandoned Hong Kong’s Most Important Representative from his Position

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China has abandoned Wang Zhimin, who was in charge of the liaison office with Hong Kong. The Chinese state media report this. The decision follows six months of political unrest in the semi-autonomous region.


Wang is replaced in Hong Kong by Luo Huining, the former communist party secretary in Shanxi province reports the Xinhua news agency.

Wang was the head of the liaison office for more than two years, which has repeatedly been the target of the anti-government protest in recent months.

Several peaceful demonstrations took place at the office, but more radical government opponents also damaged the building.

The former British colony is struggling with the worst political crisis since its return to China in 1997.

Protesters have been on the streets for six months protesting against the government of Carrie Lam and demanding that China does not impose the communist governance culture.

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