Disney is Putting Another 4,000 Employees on the Street

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Entertainment group Disney plans to lay off 32,000 employees in the first six months of next year. That is 4,000 more than the company announced in September.


Most of the jobs will disappear at Disney’s amusement park branch. Due to the corona outbreak, they have been closed for some time or only open to a limited extent.

Disney’s head of theme parks Josh D’Amaro called the decision to fire many people in September still heartbreaking. However, according to him, that was the only option for the company given the consequences of the coronavirus.

The higher number of layoffs Disney now mentions was not announced in a press statement but was put in an official document by the company filed with stock market watchdog SEC.

Disney’s American amusement parks employed more than 100,000 people before the corona outbreak. A large proportion of redundant employees are part-time workers.

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