Employee Fired After Criticism of Facebook’s Trump Policy

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Facebook fired an employee who had previously criticized the company on Twitter for not doing anything about Trump posts that violate general rules.


This is Brandon Dail, a user interface expert, who said he had to leave Facebook after criticizing a colleague on Twitter for not wanting to include a statement of support for Black Lives Matter in developer documents to be published.

The man also took part in the action by several dozen Facebook employees who left the work and expressed their displeasure via Twitter about how the company deals with Trump’s posts.

Usually, messages calling for violence are taken away by Facebook, but the company doesn’t do that for Trump.

Specifically, it was initially about the announcement that when looting took place under the protest marches, the perpetrators could be shot.

In his tweets, Dail wrote that “deliberately not making a statement is a political point in itself.” He tells Reuters that he still supports that statement.

Facebook broadly confirms the version of Dail, including the layoff, to the news agency. The company does not provide further details.

Facebook previously said that employees who participated in the protest action within Facebook would not be punished for this.

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