China Reports 27 New Infections on Tuesday in Beijing

China Reports 27 New Infections on Tuesday in Beijing

The Chinese authorities reported on Tuesday that 27 new corona infections had diagnosed in the capital Beijing.


A new virus outbreak linked to a local food market took place in the metropolis last week. 106 infections were diagnosed in the past five days.

The Beijing outbreak is fueling fears of a new wave of infections in the country. The domestic epidemic in China was mostly under control, thanks to a severe lockdown initiated by the government early this year.

Until the recent outbreak, most of the new cases involved Chinese who tested positive for the virus after a stay abroad.

Tens of thousands of people in Beijing have been tested for the virus, according to the government. Among them are over 8,000 people who are working in the market where the new outbreak is said to have started. They have been quarantined.

More than twenty residential areas have been closed to prevent further spread. All sports halls and entertainment venues in the city are also closed on Mondays.

A number of other Chinese cities have indicated that they will be quarantining people coming from the capital.

In addition to the 27 new cases in Beijing, authorities also reported four domestic infections in nearby Hebei Province. Infection was also recorded in Sichuan Province, in the southwest.

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