Microsoft Is Being Investigated

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Microsoft is being Investigated in Hungarian Bribery and Corruption Cases. Tech giant Microsoft is being investigated by the US Department of Justice to see if the company played a role in corruption and bribery in Hungary.


The American market watchdog Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also helps with the investigation, according to reports.

The tech company would have sold software such as Word and Excel with real discounts to Hungarian companies,

 which then sold the software to public authorities for the full price.

The researchers suspect that the price difference may have been used to pay a bribe.

It would also have bribed government agencies.

The government of the country has not yet responded.

Microsoft states it had started an internal investigation when the possible practices came to light.

Also, the company ensures to cooperate with the ministry and the SEC.

The tech giant has dismissed four employees in Hungary, including the local manager.

The staff would have “infringed company policies”.

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