“Saudi Aramco Is The Most Valuable Company In The World”

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“Saudi Aramco is the most Valuable company in the World.” Saudi state oil company Saudi Aramco made an operational profit of 224 billion dollars in 2018, according to data from credit rating agency Fitch.

It makes it – as far as we know – the most profitable company in the world.

Fitch bases the calculation on non-public documents from the Saudi state-owned company, which is working on an IPO.

The fact that the company’s profit is so high should not be a big surprise since it is the largest oil company in the world.

In observation: Apple, currently the most valuable listed company,

made an operating profit (EBITDA) of around 81 billion dollars last year.

The credit rating agency has given Saudi Aramco a credit rating of A +, the fourth highest rating.

The state oil company is anticipated to go public at the end of 2020 or early 2021.

Also, the company would be estimated at around 2 trillion dollars.

That is about double what Apple is worth now.

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