Strong PlayStation 5 and Game Sales Drive Sony Sales

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Sony benefited in the past quarter from good sales of the PlayStation 5. Games for the new game console of the electronics group were also sold more often.


In addition, the branch of the Japanese company that offers insurance and financial services grew.

The PlayStation 5 hit the market in November, which positively affected Sony sales in the fourth quarter of its broken fiscal year. During that period, 3.3 million game consoles were sold.

Sales increased 27 percent year-on-year to 2,220 billion yen. Profits rose to 107 billion yen from 12 billion yen a year earlier. The growth is extra vital because the company had to deal with factory closures due to the corona pandemic in the same period last year.

The production of electronics was disrupted, and customers bought fewer gadgets due to reduced shop attendance.

In addition to the game branch, Sony’s music division also did good business again. The film division performed less because cinemas in much of the world are still closed.

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