Tesla to Buy Nickel from Miner BHP

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Automaker Tesla has signed an agreement with significant miner BHP to supply nickel for its batteries in electric cars. According to BHP, the nickel will be supplied from Australia.


With the deal with BHP, Tesla wants to protect itself against possible shortages of nickel, an important raw material for high-performance batteries for electrically powered cars. However, due to the high demand due to the transition to electric driving, shortages in nickel supply threaten to arise.

BHP’s nickel activities in Western Australia would be sustainable with relatively low emissions. Tesla partners with the world’s largest miner to reduce emissions in its nickel supply chain. Tesla has previously entered into agreements with other miners for the supply of raw materials for batteries.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has regularly expressed concerns about nickel shortages and asked miners to increase production to meet strong demand.

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