US Wants Sanctions Against Myanmar for Military Violence

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US President Joe Biden on Sunday responded to the deadly violence the Myanmar military is using against its people. Biden calls the violence “absolutely scandalous” and says the US is preparing sanctions for the violent actions.


What precisely these sanctions entail and against whom they will be introduced still unknown. In early March, the US also announced sanctions in response to the military coup d’état in early February.

The European Union also condemned the violence in Myanmar on Sunday. “The escalation of violence with more than 100 civilian murders perpetrated by the military against its own population during Armed Forces Day is unacceptable,” Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy chief, said in a statement. “Instead of a holiday, the military in Myanmar yesterday created a day of horror and shame,” he added.

Saturday was the deadliest day since the coup on February 1. 114 people are said to have died, including several children.

On Saturday, the defence chiefs of twelve countries, including the Netherlands, condemned the deadly violence by the army against unarmed civilians in a joint statement. “A professional army follows international standards of conduct and is responsible for protecting, not harming, the people it serves,” they write.

In total, at least 440 people have been killed since the coup. Neighbouring Thailand announced earlier this month that it was preparing for refugees’ arrival from Myanmar because of the violence.

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