Chinese president Xi Presents A Billion Agreement

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Chinese President Xi presents a billion Agreement at the top of the New Silk Route. Chinese President Xi Jinping has presented a billion-dollar agreement on Saturday after a two-day summit on the New Silk Route.


According to Xi, a total of 64 billion dollars in contracts were signed.

The New Silk Route is, in short, a bundle of economic ambitions.

The route consists of five land-based trade corridors and maritime corridors,

 that run from the Chinese coast to the Mediterranean.

The Chinese president did not say what agreements were signed at the summit.

Xi did state that the number of engaging countries on the new trade route almost doubled, from 65 to 115 countries.

Among other things, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was at the summit,

 Italy joined the New Silk Route at the end of March.

After the summit, the Chinese president said Xi called on other countries and companies to join the project.

He also assured that the project would meet the highest financial and environmental requirements.

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