Diddy’s Ex Cassie Is Expecting First Child With Boyfriend Alex Fine

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The singer model announced that she is expecting to cast her first child, a girl, with boyfriend Alex Fijn, a 26-year-old competitive bull rider and celebrity trainer. According to Celebrity Insider, Diddy’s Longtime Ex, Cassie Ventura, announces pregnancy via social media.


“Can’t wait to meet our baby girl,” the 32-year-old posted a series of photos on Instagram, showing that the couple is together in the car. “Keep You Always & Forever.”

For his part, the father-to-be placed in a “Letter to my Daughter” on social media. “I will be the first man in your life and will show you the greatest love and affection, now and forever,” he wrote on Instagram. “I never thought my heart could grow after meeting your mom … then I found out we had it and I immediately felt a love that is so indescribable.”

“I promise to love a man who you and your mother visit. I will always listen and put both first, “he continued. “I will be the Father who never forces my opinion about you.

I love what you do in your life as long as you are satisfied. I promise I’ll be sweet, sweet, and you will always be daddy’s little girl. I promise that I will love you every second unconditionally until my last breath. You are perfect for me and always will be. “

The two made their romance Instagram official in December when they shared a picture of kissing them at a Christmas party. Diddy, 49, and Cassie had split several months after prior dating on and off reportedly for over a decade.

Celebrity Insider later learned that Diddy felt betrayed by Cassie, as he believed they started dating Alex, a trainer, he paid for their split. The two did not respond.

Cassie and Diddy had been reunited shortly in November, a day after Kim Porter, Diddy’s earlier ex-girlfriend and mother of three of his children, was discovered dead at the age of 47.

An insider told in the time that Cassie had received a text from him to see how he and her express condolences, and that he is “pleasantly surprised” to hear from her.

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